Founding of New FEAST and two events in April

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HQ members of the FEAST Project at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) launched FEAST as a general incorporated association on March 29, 2021, with HQ members serving as board members.

Although the FEAST project as a research project came to an end on March 31, 2021, we felt that the network built through the FEAST project was an asset for the project as a whole, not just for the individual members. We also felt that we should not stop the activities for the transition of agri-food system now that it is about to bloom into the next stage after the 5-year project period. Therefore, we decided to establish a general incorporated association to maintain the network of people we have met through the project and to provide a platform for further activities.

New FEAST is an organization whose purpose is to promote and develop awareness of sustainable agri-food systems, and for this purpose, we plan to conduct research, lectures, publications, event planning and management, education and training, and tool development. April to June will be the preparation period for new FEAST, and activities will start full scale in July, but we already have two events in April.

The first is a talk session on April 10, “Let’s make Itadakimasu together! -What is sustainable food and agriculture?”  This is one of the programs of the Kyoto Shinkin Bank Question ethical event week, and FEAST members Tamura, Shinkai, Mai Kobayashi, and Spiegelberg will talk about what sustainable food and agriculture are and how to implement them. You can participate online as well as at the venue. It is free of charge, but advance registration is required, so please click here to register!

Secondly, we will be participating in Earth Day in Kyoto, the first Earth Day in Kyoto, which will be held in Okazaki Park on April 24-25, together with RIHN. Unfortunately, we will only be there for one day, April 25, but we are planning to exhibit “Future School lunch”. Please come and visit us at our booth!


Please stay tuned for more FEAST activities!