COVID-19 Impact Survey on Farmers (JP, IT)


The spread of COVID-19 has led to the government declaration of a state of emergency and request to refrain from travelling between urban and rural areas, largely disrupting our daily life across the world as well as in Japan. The impact of the pandemic has been found not only in urban areas, but also in rural areas, including on agriculture. However, only large-scale agricultural businesses and farmer cooperatives have so far drawn media attention.

We at FEAST Project would like to conduct an online survey to grasp and understand the current situation that small-scale farmers, new entry farmers, organic and environment conservation farmers face in Japan through this survey and share the results with the public. The survey is available in Japanese, and also in Italian (Chinese ver. is in progress) thanks to Simona Zollet (PhD Candidate at Hiroshima University: Prof. Steven McGreevy, FEAST Project Leader is her supervisor). If you are in farming, please take part! And, if you know farmers and farmer networks in Japan and Italy, please share this info with them!

The survey takes about 10 minutes and can be accessed from a mobile phone, tablet and PC. The survey data will only be used for the purpose of research. You can access the survey from the following link:



Thank you very much in advance.