A short film "First Harvest" documenting Kyoto University of Arts and Design Beekeeping Club is now released!

FEAST HQ From the Field, WG3

A short firm “First Harvest” is now ready for viewing, which Rika Shinkai of the FEAST Mitsubachi Team interviewed a beekeeping club at Kyoto University of Art & Design with Dr. Martin Gruber, a visual anthropologist at the University of Bremen.

<First Harvest>
The film ‘First Harvest’ introduces some of the Kyoto University of Arts and Design Beekeeping Club’s activities. Under the guidance of their teacher a number of students come together regularly to keep a colony of Japanese Honeybees on the premises of their University. The film juxtaposes interview material and observational footage of the students’ first honey harvest. ‘First Harvest’ deals with beekeeping practice and the acquisition of apicultural knowledge, but also with the youths’ motivations and their emotions. The film was produced by Martin Gruber and Rika Shinkai as part of their ethnographic research on urban beekeeping in Kyoto Japan in August and September 2018.

You can also watch from this link.