End of the FEAST project, but it is the beginning of something much bigger.

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For those of us at RIHN HQ, the past month has been difficult in many ways— we’ve been packing up our project headquarters, boxing up books, and saying goodbye to the space we called home for the past five years. There has been a lot of reminiscing and heartfelt farewells to each other. It was really nice to see a big group of folks connecting over Zoom on Wednesday last week for our closing greeting. As I’m sure you are aware, the FEAST Project will be ending on March 31st. Our five year journey (even longer for those of you who joined during the feasibility and pre-research phases) is at …

Working towards post-COVID Sustainable Transitions (Steven McGreevy, Project Leader)

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FEAST has been busy during the COVID-19 Pandemic on a variety of research initiatives and events. Some highlights include:-Organizing and managing multiple working groups as part of the Future Earth Knowledge-Action Network on Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production (FE SSCP KAN) effort on post-COVID Sustainable Transitions. This included: -“Open Forum: COVID-19 Can Help Wealthier Nations Prepare for a Sustainability Transition” (over 300 participants) and virtual “Mini-Conference on COVID-19 and Sustainability Transitions” (over 300 participants). -Multiple online surveys on COVID’s impact on small-scale farmers in Japan, Italy, UK, US, Taiwan, and Latin America and coastal fisheries in Japan. -Joining an international alliance of Degrowth experts in drafting an open letter to offer five principles for …

FEAST Project at the World Social Science Forum 2018! (Steven R. McGreevy, Project Leader)

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From September 25th to 28th, many of us from FEAST HQ attended the World Social Science Forum 2018 in Fukuoka, held at the Fukuoka International Congress Center. Since RIHN was one of the consortium partners for the Forum, it was important for the institute to have a significant presence at the event. It was also a time to show the potential of the new research programs for integrated, cross-cutting discussions of relevant themes and concepts. We were surprised to learn that all three FEAST session proposals and the Program 3 session proposal were accepted. Indeed, RIHN’s fingerprints were all over the Forum program, with nearly 10 sessions in total. When …

Introducing Dr. Aki Imaizumi, a new FEAST Project Researcher: Sustainable agri-food system: from seed to table (Aki Imaizumi, Project Researcher)


Three months have already passed since I joined FEAST Project as a researcher. Having spent two and half a year in the Netherlands and Luxembourg, I was stunned by the bustling city of Kyoto filled with tourists. I did my Ph.D. study on seed systems at Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University. Various social systems co-exist in different phases, from development to production and sales of seeds, technoscience including genetic engineering, intellectual property rights that protects those outputs, legal systems that guarantee the quality of seeds and subsequently secure markets. These systems are well intertwined to secure a stable supply of seeds, but they could sometime prevent farmers from handling …

RIHN Open House 2017 “Share ? and ! this summer” (Yuko Kobayashi and Yuko Matsuoka, Project Research Associates)

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For this annual event, the institution-wide efforts are made to organize a wide variety of events so that the local communities can feel more familiarity with RIHN. The activities of FEAST Project included card game and video game to explore the ideal future of Kyoto food, voting for “what is important for the future of food in Kyoto?” and word cloud for “what is bad food to you?.” Two games were originally developed for FEAST gaming workshops “Future visions of food in Kyoto” (Please see the details of workshops from here!). Two rounds of card game were carried out for 4th grade elementary school students and over. Each participant chose …

Introducing Dr. Max Spiegelberg, a new FEAST Project Researcher: -Study-Work-Study-Work- (Maximilian Spiegelberg, Project Researcher)


In 2013 I returned to university as a student again following 5 years of work in development cooperation and education for sustainable development. After my thirst for knowledge had brought me already to the far east of Germany (B.Sc. at Brandenburg Technical Uni Cottbus), to the middle-east for my Master thesis’ field research, my decision fell for Japan’s top-notch university in ancient Kyoto for the PhD. With my background in Environmental Management and Peacebuilding, I chose to research with the Lab of Sustainable Rural Development the emerging concept Water-Energy-Food Nexus. The WEF-Nexus focuses on the connections and dynamics between activities around water, energy and food. It asks for crossing boundaries …

FEAST at the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting 2017 in Boston (Christoph Rupprecht, Project Researcher)

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In early April, almost everyone from the FEAST HQ went on a long trip all the way from Kyoto to Boston. There we attended the AAG Annual Meeting 2017, the biggest geography conference in the world where over 9,000 researchers meet to present and discuss their latest work. It was an exciting and intense week, where we all learned a lot, made new friends and had a chance to explore Boston’s bustling food scene. Food system transitions, degrowth and the growing world of food and agriculture geography For most of the conference, one thing was in the back of our minds: the session on food system transitions Christoph and Steven …

FEAST Project Retreat 2016 with WG chairs in Nagano

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Members of Executive Commitee were gathered in Nagano from September 5th to 7th to 1) report the project’s and Working Groups’ research progress, 2) report the budget use and 3) to discuss the future plans. Great job to everyone who attended the meeting!