Peer-reviewed paper on a pluralistic practice-based futures approach published in Ecology and Society

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A peer-reviewed paper “New pathways for governing food system transformations: a pluralistic practice-based futures approach using visioning, back-casting, and serious gaming” about the outputs from collaborative research in Kyoto with Astrid Mangnus and Joost Vervoort, Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University, the Netherlands was published in Ecology and Society 24(4):2. <Abstract> The global environmental change that characterizes the Anthropocene poses a threat to food systems. Cities increasingly serve as the spaces where civil society, private actors, and local governments come together to strategize toward more sustainable food futures and experiment with new forms of food governance. However, much of the futures literature in the context of sustainability focuses …

FEAST Session at GRF2019 in Hong Kong

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From June 26th to 29th, 2019, “2019 Hong Kong Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption” was organized at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. At GRF, Steven McGreevy, FEAST project leader, chaired two sessions “Session 2d: Changing Personal and Public Consumption: Experiences and Movements (S-15)” on the 27th and “Session 4a: Food Futures in Asia: Imagining and Experimenting with Post-Growth Food Procurement and Consumption to Redefine Rural-Urban Linkages (S-06)” as well as Keynotes session also on the 29th. And, FEAST team gave presentations at the session on the 29th as follows. Session title: Food futures in Asia: imagining and experimenting with post-growth food procurement and consumption …

FEAST session at WSSF2018

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World Social Science Forum (WSSF) 2018 was organized in Fukuoka, Japan for four days from Sept 25th to 28th. FEAST organized four sessions, one of which “CS4-05: Using game-based methods for sustainability transformations : lessons from practice and theory” on the 28th involved around the research outputs of WG2 and the FEAST members and its friends made the following six presentations. Session Abstract: Chair: Kazuhiko Ota Transition towards a sustainable society is hindered by a complexity of interactions among different societal components, conflicting values and interests, a sense of resistance to change, uncertainty about the future, various strategies that conflict against one another, and difficulty in finding an appropriate intervention …

Workshop on Future of School Lunch in Obuse, Nagano

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On the 24th March, a visioning workshop on future of school lunch was help in Obuse, Nagano Pref. Approx. 40 people mainly from Obuse joined this workshop and explored how the ideal school lunch should look like in 30 years from now. Blog: Envisioning ideal future school lunches (Steven McGreevy, Project Leader) Online Report by “Tsutaeru Shoku to Nou Link Net Shinshu”, an information paper on Nagano’s food and agriculture

Seminar about Future of Food and Agriculture in Nagano at the Monthly Meeting of NAGANO Agrifood Society

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On the 28th of August, a monthly meeting of “NAGANO Nou to Shoku no Kai (NAGANO Agrifood Society)” was held in Matsushiro, Nagano, at which Steven McGreevy, FEAST Project Leader, had an opportunity to give a talk entitled “Future of food and agriculture in Nagano: The role of citizens in transition to a Sustainable Society”. Despite the fact that way more food than human require are produced on the planet, people suffer from famine in many parts of the world. And if we look at Japan in particular, its food miles are notoriously ranked number one in the world and at the same time Japan is dependent on virtual water. …

Report on the survey in Kameoka published in "Journal of Food System Research"

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A report on the survey conducted in Kameoka City and its analysis was published in “Journal of Food System Research, 24 (3)”. “子育て世代の食卓および食品入手経路の実態-亀岡子育てネットワーク会員を対象とした3調査の結果から-(The conditions of food and means of obtaining food among generation with small children – from three surveys with Kameoka Kosodate Network members)” Mari Nakamura, Motoki Akitsu, Norie Tamura, Masashi Tachikawa Abstract:  In 2017, our research project will employ food ethic-themed workshops in Kameoka City. Diet surveys will offer workshop topics and gain more knowledge about the food habits and attitudes of Kameoka City’s housewives in their child-raising years. The survey outline is as follows: Step one is a questionnaire survey on eating habits and buying behavior; step …

Peer-reviewed paper on Food Policy Council published in "Journal of Food System Research"

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A peer-reviewed paper “Development of Food Policy Councils  in North America and its implication (tentative English title)” co-authored by Masashi Tachikawa (Nagoya University) , Steven McGreevy, Motoki Akitsu (Kyoto University) and Momoe Oga (then-Doshisha University)  was published in “Journal of Food System Research, 23 (3)” (in Japanese). Abstract: The contemporary food system has various problems, such as contributing to food access disparity and negative health impacts. In response to these issues, there is growing attention toward food policy councils (FPC) in North America. FPC is a kind of platform where various stakeholders work together to find local solutions to the above-mentioned sorts of problems through collaborative actions. In this paper, the …

Peer-reviewed paper on revitalizing rurality published on "Journal of Rural Studies"

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A peer-reviewed paper ” Revitalising rurality under the neoliberal transformation of agriculture: Experiences of re-agrarianisation in Japan” co-authored by Prof. Shuji Hisano (Kyoto University, Project Member), Prof. Motoki Akitsu (Kyoto University, WG2 Chair) and Project Leader Steven R. McGreevy was published on an international journal, Journal of Rural Studies. “Revitalising rurality under the neoliberal transformation of agriculture: Experiences of re-agrarianisation in Japan” by Shuji Hisano, Motoki Akitsu, Steven R. McGreevy Abstract: Rural places are continually experiencing socio-economic change and the conceptual frameworks of re-de-agrarianisation and re-de-peasantisation were devised to explain agrarian transformations in a broad sense. Following empirical studies from other geographical contexts, this paper revisits the concepts of re-de-agrarianisation …

The 1st RIHN/UCB International Workshop (Steven McGreevy)

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On November 6-7th,  the first RIH/UCB International Workshop “Food, Agriculture, and Human Impacts on the Environment: Japan, Asia and Beyond” to commemorate the signing of a memorandum of understanding was held on the Berkeley campus. Steven McGreevy, Project Leader, gave a talk on the WG2 research outputs as follows: Part I. Food and Agriculture Session 1. Urban biocultural food production & Food security Steven McGreevy | Scaling to holistic local food security: directions in agrifood system sustainability assessment How do we measure the transition from an unsustainable agrifood system to a sustainable one? Various scholars, institutions, and citizen groups have created a diverse set of tools for evaluating agrifood systems to aid …

Survey on Food Education in Collaboration with NPO Kameoka Kosodate Network

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In Dec 2016, FEAST Project conducted a survey on food education targeting at families with small children in collabration with NPO Kameoka Kosodate Network. The results are published serially on a free information magazine “Gyutto,” starting from Spring Edition (Vol.17). Almost 97% of respondents answered that they are interested in food education. FEAST Project will continue to work to help their interests  shift to an actual practice. “Gyutto” Spring Edition, 2017 The survey results on food education are published on P.18 to 19 on Spring Edition. “Gyutto” Summer Edition, 2017 The topic for Summer Edition is nutrition and cooking. “Gyutto” Fall Edition, 2017 The survey was on “local production, local consumption.” “Gyutto” Winter Edition, 2018 The survey …