Pathway to a transformative future: Changing the illusion of ever-lasting growth – Report on “KYOTO 2020: IASC-RIHN Online Workshop on Commons, Post-development and Degrowth in Asia(IASC-RIHN)" (Norie Tamura, Senior Project Researcher and Hiroyuki Ishibashi, Visiting Researcher)

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Norie TAMURA (Senior Project Researcher) and Hiroyuki ISHIBASHI (Visiting Researcher) contributed a report on “KYOTO 2020: IASC-RIHN Online Workshop on Commons, Post-development and Degrowth in Asia” to RIHN’s Newsletter Humanity&Nature (No.84: 2-5p), which you can download by clicking the link (in Japanese). Here is the English translation.  Rethinking and transforming a set of values and lifestyles that prioritize economic growth are required to adequately address global environmental issues. On one hand, industrialized countries need to reduce their environmental impacts while maintaining the quality of life. Developing countries, on the other hand, are exploring a way out of poverty while taking into consideration their environmental impacts. Social practices create “commons” as …

FEAST Project on the "Local Degrowth Realities" Map

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FEAST is now registered on the “Local Degrowth Realities” map. Degrowth-Webportal introduces not only the basic concept of degrowth and various relevant publications (including blog posts by a wide range of degrowth scholars and activities), but also initiatives and projects on a global scale. Interested in finding what kind of degrowth movements are taking place in your city or even the country you plan to visit? Visit and go to “Get involved” tab and find out. You will find us if you locate yourself in Kyoto in the map.  

[Deadline extended to Aug 15th] Call for papers&save the date: 4th APSAFE Symposium -Virtual Conference- Dec 3 to 16, 2020

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The Asia Pacific Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics (APSAFE) is very pleased to announce the dates and theme of the fourth international conference (visit the conference website). We cordially welcome researchers, students, policy makers, community activists, practitioners, and anyone with an interest in the topics. This conference will be a great opportunity to expand your transdisciplinary network and deepen your understanding about a range of interesting research, approaches and initiatives, so join us. The theme of this conference is “Supporting Sustainable Food Systems: Quality Food and Ethical Consumption”. It is a necessary step forward to rethink and reconstruct approaches to agriculture and food production if we hope to make …

JILA Special Issue “Trends in the landscapes of post-growth societies: The potential of degrowth”

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Special Issue “Trends in the landscapes of post-growth societies: The potential of degrowth” of Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture (Vol.83-01) was published in March, 2019. “Degrowth” is a political, economic and social movement based on ecological economics, and an economic strategy responding to the limits-to-growth dilemma, and receives attentions as it has an implication for alternative ways that local communities can take. Christoph Rupprecht, FEAST Senior Project Researcher, is on the editorial committee and FEAST contributed with six papers as follows: Impressions from the Sweden and Mexico Degrowth Conference: Norie Tamura, Christoph Rupprecht (in Japanese) Degrowth and Landscape: Christoph Rupprecht (in Japanese) Beyond Public and Private: a …

FEAST Project at the World Social Science Forum 2018! (Steven R. McGreevy, Project Leader)

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From September 25th to 28th, many of us from FEAST HQ attended the World Social Science Forum 2018 in Fukuoka, held at the Fukuoka International Congress Center. Since RIHN was one of the consortium partners for the Forum, it was important for the institute to have a significant presence at the event. It was also a time to show the potential of the new research programs for integrated, cross-cutting discussions of relevant themes and concepts. We were surprised to learn that all three FEAST session proposals and the Program 3 session proposal were accepted. Indeed, RIHN’s fingerprints were all over the Forum program, with nearly 10 sessions in total. When …