The 1st RIHN/UCB International Workshop (Christoph Rupprecht)

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On November 6-7th,  the first RIH/UCB International Workshop “Food, Agriculture, and Human Impacts on the Environment: Japan, Asia and Beyond” to commemorate the signing of a memorandum of understanding was held on the Berkeley campus. Christoph Rupprecht, Project Researcher, gave a talk on the WG1 research outputs as follows:

Part I. Food and Agriculture

Session 1. Urban biocultural food production & Food security

Christoph Rupprecht | Biocultural cityscapes: towards urban landscape stewardship

Industrialized food systems leave cities vulnerable to food supply disruptions, disruptions likely to increase due to climate change. Urban residents also lack opportunities to self-produce food. Urban agriculture, community and home gardens, edible infrastructure, public fruit trees and informal gardening have been proposed as strategies and practices to tackle these challenges. Yet alone these measures are limited by the constraints of the urban landscape organization, often fail to take into account cultural aspects of production and social organization, and usually only benefit residents involved in such activities. To address these issues, biocultural cityscapes created through holistic urban landscape stewardship are outlined as a conceptual framework. This framework is developed drawing upon biocultural diversity theory, the Japanese traditional ecological stewardship concepts of satoyama and satoumi, as well as wider international discourses around degrowth and food as a commons.

Please see the blog post on the workshop from this link.