Peer-reviewed paper on Food Policy Council published in "Journal of Food System Research"

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A peer-reviewed paper “Development of Food Policy Councils  in North America and its implication (tentative English title)” co-authored by Masashi Tachikawa (Nagoya University) , Steven McGreevy, Motoki Akitsu (Kyoto University) and Momoe Oga (then-Doshisha University)  was published in “Journal of Food System Research, 23 (3)” (in Japanese).

Abstract: The contemporary food system has various problems, such as contributing to food access disparity and negative health impacts. In response to these issues, there is growing attention toward food policy councils (FPC) in North America. FPC is a kind of platform where various stakeholders work together to find local solutions to the above-mentioned sorts of problems through collaborative actions. In this paper, the authors will elucidate various key features of the FPC by referring to two major examples — the Knoxville FPC and Toronto FPC — based on field research. implications for other sites are also explored through comparing activities to improve food access in Japan. In particular, the multiplicity of involved stakeholders, utilizing the multifunctionality of food, and emphasis on the civic aspects of food issues will be mentioned as principal findings.

Keywords: food policy council; North America; food access