Report on the survey in Kameoka published in "Journal of Food System Research"

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A report on the survey conducted in Kameoka City and its analysis was published in “Journal of Food System Research, 24 (3)”.

子育て世代の食卓および食品入手経路の実態-亀岡子育てネットワーク会員を対象とした3調査の結果から-(The conditions of food and means of obtaining food among generation with small children – from three surveys with Kameoka Kosodate Network members)” Mari Nakamura, Motoki Akitsu, Norie Tamura, Masashi Tachikawa

Abstract:  In 2017, our research project will employ food ethic-themed workshops in Kameoka City. Diet surveys will offer workshop topics and gain more knowledge about the food habits and attitudes of Kameoka City’s housewives in their child-raising years. The survey outline is as follows: Step one is a questionnaire survey on eating habits and buying behavior; step two is a photographic survey  focusing on the dishes that local people regularly eat; and, step three is a focus-group interview. Investigation results highlight differences in eating habits among types of buying behavior pertaining to rice.

Keywords: housewives in their child-raising years, diet surveys, buying behavior, rice, workshops