Survey on Food Education in Collaboration with NPO Kameoka Kosodate Network

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In Dec 2016, FEAST Project conducted a survey on food education targeting at families with small children in collabration with NPO Kameoka Kosodate Network. The results are published serially on a free information magazine “Gyutto,” starting from Spring Edition (Vol.17). Almost 97% of respondents answered that they are interested in food education. FEAST Project will continue to work to help their interests  shift to an actual practice.

“Gyutto” Spring Edition, 2017

The survey results on food education are published on P.18 to 19 on Spring Edition.

“Gyutto” Summer Edition, 2017

The topic for Summer Edition is nutrition and cooking.

“Gyutto” Fall Edition, 2017

The survey was on “local production, local consumption.”

“Gyutto” Winter Edition, 2018

The survey topic on this edition was the environment problems.