Nougyou to Keizai: Special issue on local food policy (April, 2021)

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WG2 explores possible solutions for various problems that our agrifood system currently faces, which are deeply embedded in global distribution. Local food policy, integrating a wide range of food related issues, has been one of the major themes that we have focused on. 

To conclude our five years of research on local food policy, we have contributed to a special issue  “Community development through food: Local food policy” on the April issue of “Nougyou to Keizai (agriculture and economy)”. Prof. Motoki Akitsu (Kyoto University), Prof. Masashi Tachikawa (Nagoya University), and Prof. Mima Nishiyama (Utsunomiya University) from WG2 have contributed articles on the significance, history, and components of local food policy, while McGreevy, Tamura, and Shinkai from FEAST-HQ introduced case studies in Kyoto and Kameoka Cities, Kyoto and Obuse Town, Nagano.

This issue also showcases many other food-based community development initiatives, such as food and poverty and life with agriculture, making it the perfect read for understanding local food policy. Please grab a copy (in Japanese)!

You can find the details in this link to the publisher, Showado’s website.