Seminar about Future of Food and Agriculture in Nagano at the Monthly Meeting of NAGANO Agrifood Society

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On the 28th of August, a monthly meeting of “NAGANO Nou to Shoku no Kai (NAGANO Agrifood Society)” was held in Matsushiro, Nagano, at which Steven McGreevy, FEAST Project Leader, had an opportunity to give a talk entitled “Future of food and agriculture in Nagano: The role of citizens in transition to a Sustainable Society”. Despite the fact that way more food than human require are produced on the planet, people suffer from famine in many parts of the world. And if we look at Japan in particular, its food miles are notoriously ranked number one in the world and at the same time Japan is dependent on virtual water. In current situation like this, sustainable and self-reliant local food system is what we should work towards, and Steven introduced Food Policy Council (FPC) as one of the specific initiatives to catalyze such a transition. More than 50 people joined the meeting from inside and outside of Nagano and he sat down with the participants for discussion after the meeting. You can find the reports about the workshop from the links below:

Blog: FEAST Seminar “Future of Food and Agriculture in Nagano: The Role of Citizens in Transition to a Sustainable Society” (Yuko Kobayashi, Project Research Associate)

Online report by “Tsutaeru Shoku to Nou Link Net Shinshu”, an information paper on Nagano’s food and agriculture