The 1st RIHN/UCB International Workshop (Steven McGreevy)

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On November 6-7th,  the first RIH/UCB International Workshop “Food, Agriculture, and Human Impacts on the Environment: Japan, Asia and Beyond” to commemorate the signing of a memorandum of understanding was held on the Berkeley campus. Steven McGreevy, Project Leader, gave a talk on the WG2 research outputs as follows:

Part I. Food and Agriculture

Session 1. Urban biocultural food production & Food security

Steven McGreevy | Scaling to holistic local food security: directions in agrifood system sustainability assessment

How do we measure the transition from an unsustainable agrifood system to a sustainable one? Various scholars, institutions, and citizen groups have created a diverse set of tools for evaluating agrifood systems to aid in gauging the progress of sustainability transitions. These evaluative tools are often limited to national-level scales, are difficult to translate to smaller, more strategically potent scales (regional, municipal), and tend to be either too simple or overly detailed which limits their overall usability. After a quick review of some existing agrifood and food system sustainability assessment methodologies, we argue that an expanded notion of food security, implying long-term sustainability and socio-ecological health of agrifood systems rather than simple access to calories, provides a holistic framework able to work at different scales. After testing the framework at the prefectural scale in Japan, we open the sustainability assessment discussion further by reflecting on the applicability of scaling down planetary boundaries to more workable dimensions.

Please see the blog post on the workshop from this link.

Steven giving a talk (Photo: Norie Tamura)