Magazine Column&Newspaper Articles: Installation "School Lunches of the Futrue"

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FEAST Project created the installation “School Lunches of the Future” as one of the RIHN’s annual Open House activities in the summer of 2019. It exhibits four different school lunch menus in four future scenarios based on the 2×2 matrix of dependency on food trade (globalization or localization?) and climate change (are we able to achieve the 1.5 degree Paris climate change goal or not?).

This installation project thus far received some attentions and there have been a magazine column article and two Asahi Shimbun articles. We have also published a blog article here. Please find more details from the links below.

<Magazine Column Article> (in Japanese: tentative English titles)
Nougyou to Keizai/Agriculture and Economies(vol.86 no.8)”Special Edition: Challenge! School Lunch Revolution: Opening the Pathways of Food and Life”
“What is this is Our Future: School Lunches in 2050!”(66-67p)Maximilian Spiegelberg & Norie Tamura

<Newspaper Articles> (in Japanese: tentative English titles)
Asahi Shimbun (Aug 4, 2020 Evening Edition, 3) “Insects? Supplements? Thinking about the Future through School Lunch”
Asahi Shimbun Digital (Aug 28, 2020 Web ver.) “Do We Eat Insects and Supplements for School Lunch in the Future?: Reasons behind this Research

<Blog Post>
How we started serving the School Lunches of the Future (Maximilian Spiegelberg)

We have upgraded this installment since last summer, hoping to make it available as various food and environment-related events. Unfortunately, however, we are yet to do so due to the current circumstances. We are currently digitalizing it so that people can have access anywhere anytime!