Nitrous Oxide Budget 2020 and Our food System @ Online (Steven McGreevy)

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Steven McGreevy, FEAST Project Leader was invited to  Online Forum “Global Nitrous Oxide Budget 2020 and Our Food System” held on Oct 29th, 2020 and gave a talk titled ” Transitioning to 1.5-degree food systems”. You can find more details about the event (flyer) from here.

Abstract: The Paris climate agreement’s goal for limiting global warming to 1.5-degrees has been hailed as a critical achievement to catalyze action to protect the planet for future generations. Food system impact on climate has been catalogued extensively by the IPCC, EAT-Lancet, and in a number of high-profile studies. However, discussions on decreasing food system impact on the environment fall well short of the 1.5-degree goal. In this presentation, I argue that reducing impacts in the current food system is not enough to reach the 1.5-degree goals and nothing less than complete food system transformation is required. Transitioning the food system will mean smaller-scales of production, city-region food flows, and agroecological production. These 1.5-degree food systems highlight the need for long-term food security & resiliency (maximizing autonomy over dependency), food sovereignty, and sufficiency (over efficiency) in an unpredictable and ever-changing future climate.