Paper on wild meat utilization published in "Nogyou to Keizai (Agriculture and Economy)"

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A special topic on the potential of utilizing gibier (wild meat) was featured in “Nogyou to Keizai (Agriculture and Economy)” Vol. 84, No.6, in which an article “Distribution and consumption of wild meat in Japan: Creating a local food system*” by Norie Tamura (Project Senior Researcher/WG3 Chair) was published. In her article, she pointed out that utilization of wild meat may serve a double purpose of wildlife management and regional development, but at the same time, there are a number of issues that require careful considerations. She, therefore, laid out those issues to understand what needs to be considered to create an efficient and sustainable system to utilize wild meat.
In this issue, articles by two of our project members are also published: “Sustainable consumption of wild meat: Revisiting the challenges in Japan from a global perspective*” by Dr. Takanori Oishi (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) and “Gibier culture and gibier boom: From the studies of consumer societies*” by Prof. Shingo Hamada (Osaka Shoin Women’s University). *English titles are tentative.