Paper on the Estimation Method for the CO2 Emission of Cooking in Journal of Life Cycle Assessment

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A research paper “the Estimation Method for the CO2 Emission of Cooking on Journal of Life Cycle Assessment in the Household” co-authored by Prof. Atsushi Inba, WG5 Chair, was published in the Journal of Life Cycle Assessment.

Abstract : The visualization of CO2 emission in the lifestyle including food is thought recently to be essential for the sustainable society. In this paper, the estimation methods of the CO2emission for cooking in the household, especially for gas cooking such as “boil and steam”, “broil and stir-fry”, “deep fry(like tempra)” and “grill and oven” were developed based on the theoretical energy consumption to raise the food stuff temperature, which were calculated using their heat capacity and latent heat of the food stuffs and the energy efficiency of each gas cooker. The calculated values of the CO2 emission using the estimation methods proposed in this paper corresponded well with the experimental values shown in the literatures. This estimation method is not only useful to show the consumers the CO2emission of the menu of household, but also might be useful to estimate the CO2 emission of the menu in the restaurant.

Authors: Atsushi Inaba, Rio Kazama, Yuka Tamari, Ryoko Morimoto
Journal: Journal of Life Cycle Assessment,10,(2),pp.155-164