"Eco-ka-na" App for Food Chain Transparency on Newspapers

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FEAST Project has developed an app called “Eco-ka-na” to measure and “visualize” the environmental, social and health impacts of food products, and it became available on app store in July, 2020. So far, the information on about 1.74 million food products are registered in the app, and the consumers can find out the impact scores of these items by scanning a barcode at a supermarket, which they can refer to when making a decision. More details about the app can be found here.

The app was featured in a Tokyo Shimbun article back in July and is receiving attention in many newspapers around Japan. Here is a list of newspaper articles (all in Japanese, English titles are not official).

『バカにできない?肉の生産で出る温室効果ガス/Don’t underestimate! Greenhouse gas emitted from meat production』Tokyo Shimbun, July 28, 2020(Web ver.).

●『3.11後を生きる こちら原発取材班 :環境アプリで可視化/Living in the post 3.11 world: From special correspondent on new clear power – the environmental app for food transparency』Tokyo Shimbun, July 29, 2020.

『肉食減で脱炭素社会を、温室ガスゼロへ意識高まる 環境貢献アプリ開発も/Making a post-carbon society by reducing meat consumption. Growing awareness on greenhouse gas: Development of the environmental app』Muroran Minpo Web, December 7,  2007. (paid membership required)

『肉食減で脱炭素社会を/Making a post-carbon society by reducing meat consumption』Webun  Kitanippon Shimbun, December 7, 2020 (Web ver.). (paid membership required)

『大豆ミート本格展開 食品選び参考アプリも「肉食減で脱炭素」試み加速/Rolling out soy meat and developing an app for decision making on food products: the movement of “decarbonization by reducing meat consumption” accelerates 』SankeiBiz, December 8, 2020 (Web ver.).