A multispecies paper in Global Sustainability

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An interdisciplinary team led by Senior Researcher Dr. Christoph Rupprecht (FEAST Project) has co-authored a paper titled “Multispecies Sustainability” and it is now published on the international journal “Global Sustainability”.

In this research, the team identified a contradiction at the core of sustainability: its resource management approach ignores that the well-being and needs of all living beings is interdependent in ecologically complex ways, and thus revealed a new definition of sustainability that expands the concept to non-human species and their needs. They also showcased potential applications that help enable human-wildlife coexistence and radically rethink urban greenspace design based on recent microbiome and public health insights.

Journal: Global Sustainability
Title: Multispecies Sustainability
Authors: Christoph Rupprecht, Joost Vervoort, Chris Berthelsen, Astrid Mangnus, Natalie Osborne, Kyle Thompson, Andrea Urushima, Maya Kóvskaya, Maximilian Spiegelberg, Silvio Cristiano, Jay Springett, Benedikt Marschuetz, Emily Flies, Steven McGreevy, Laÿna Droz, Martin Breed, Jingchao Gan, Rika Shinkai, Ayako Kawai
DOI: 10.1017/sus.2020.28

RIHN also published a press release for this publication. You can access from the link below: