What we do

FEAST NPO provides sustainability research and consultation to governments, civil society and businesses to solve the challenges around food consumption, production, and governance we face today and in the future.

Below you can find our outputs that have come from these collaborations so far


みんなでつくる「いただきます」Minna de tsukuru “Itadakimasu”

The FEAST Project laying out its vision for future food systems, edited by our N. Tamura, C.D.D. Rupprecht, and S.R. McGreevy, with contributions from R.Shinkai, K.Ota, M. Kobayashi, and M.Spiegelberg (Showado, 2021)

Zachum Feast Gochisou – Life around the Bhutanese plate 

Joint authors Mai Kobayashi & Rekha Chhetri offer a glimpse into contemporary Bhutanese diets through their photo journal project (2021)

Multispecies Cities. Solarpunk Urban Futures

A hopeful Asian anthology co-edited by our members Norie Tamura and Christoph Rupprecht (World Weaver Press, 2021)

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Digital Tools

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School Lunch 2050

Want to learn how future climate change and food systems could influence the food in Japan?

Archives of Japanese Honeybee Beekeeping

Want to learn about the history and diversity of beekeeping with the Asian honeybee in Japan?

EcoKana (Android, iOS)

Want to find out the sustainability of Japanese supermarket products?

Open Eco Branding

Want to brand agri-food products to support sustainable regions of Japan?


Want to find locations of local, wild, informal food in Japan?


Serious Board Game Jams

2021, 2019, 2018

Stakeholder Workshops & Facilitation

Food Policy Councils Kyoto and Kameoka, 38 Café- Mitsubachi Summit, Hyakusho Iki – Kyoto Organic Action, 38 Café Kyoto

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First Harvest

A short film (7:41min) that introduces a group of young urban beekeepers in Kyoto. Directed by Martin Gruber & Rika Shinkai (2018)

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FEAST page at researchgate and at researchmap

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