Where to find us

Please get in touch with us directly at feast.secretariat at gmail.com or via one of the many social media channels

Our work can also be found at

We are also active members of the following organizations and look forward to seeing you there as well

  • Future Earth Knowledge Action Network on Systems of Sustainable Consumption & Production (FE KAN SSCP)
  • Sustainable Consumption & Research Action Initiative (SCORAI)
  • International Association for the Studies of the Commons (IASC)
  • American Association of Geographers (AAG)
  • Asia Pacific Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics (AP Safe)
  • Honeybee Research Association (COLOSS)
  • Anticipatory Governance Slack (AnticiGov)
  • Art Tech Nature Culture (ATNC)

Postal Adress

FEAST NPO, 457-4 Motoyama, Kamigamo, Kitaku, 603-8047 Kyoto, Japan